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Knitted and Felted This Way and That

the backstory

If you've ever unintentionally thrown a sweater made of natural, fine fiber into the washing machine filled with hot water and dried it in the dryer, you've discovered felting- just not the good kind. There are many intentional hand-felting techniques all of which are labor intensive, compensated by the excitement of the unpredictably beautiful results. I'm finding the best felting of fine fibers depends more on sufficient agitation when the fibers are wet than whether or not the water is hot enough. All felting requires patience and endurance while agitating. Sometimes, the fibers must dry completely before one decides the process needs repeating-even several times, until the fibers bind to one another as desired. I purposely left the loosely knit yarns of this tunic show a little light through the stitches after felting.

L (will also fit M) Dry clean, air out. If soiled, machine wash in a delicates bag on cool and delicate setting.


Yarn-blend by Noro, the magician manufacturerer of self- striping yarn in lux fibers like merino, silk, fine lambswool, cashmere and cotton.

Tunic, hand-knit in mutli-colors that shout "Its Autumn!" Warm enough to wear as a coat alternative or as a vest over a tee and leggings, jeans or skirts. Loose and shaped to flatter, and allow for easy movement. Felted yarns strengthen the piece enough to withstand getting in and out of the car. I resisted adding a pocket because I trust such lux fibers to perform best carried on your body rather carrying weighty items for you. Wear either side in front.


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