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Wonderful World of Wool

November 28, 2010

Wonderful World of WoolIf you've been on this site before-- or for more than a minute-- you probably know that I'm a big fan of cashmere. I actually like most kinds of wool-- there's just nothing quite like the feel of cashmere. I have to admit, though, my love was somewhat superficial, based mostly on aesthetics and touch, rather than, say, science.

But then I discovered that wool is a scientific marvel: hypo-allergenic, resistant to dust mites, anti-bacterial, 7 times stronger than cotton, mildew resistant and a sort of natural deodorizer. I was doing a search on how to clean wool and I found out that since it's naturally anti-bacterial, you don't have to wash it or dry clean it regularly. Just let it air out. Wool actually fights body odor while synthetic materials increases it. Then I kept reading. Wool is a natural fire retardant, which is why it's so prized for rugs and carpets. Because wool contains such a high concentration of lanolin, dust mites can't survive in wool. So a wool mattress cover will eliminate dust mites. And studies have shown that a wool blanket helps you sleep better. Turns out that sleeping under a wool-filled comforter lowers the heart rate and reduces humidity next to the skin. Who knew?