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Living the High Line Life

February 26, 2011

Living the High Line Lifeposted by Jimmy

Last spring, I was in New York for work and I visited the High Line. It's essentially a park built on a vacant spur of railroad tracks that ran above the city and was an overgrown eyesore. It's perhaps the ultimate upcycling-a chunk of wasteland reborn as a tranquil park. I sat on a bench designed by someone brilliant because a) the bench seemed to grow out of the old tracks and b) it was made from very inexpensive 2 x 4s. Anyhow, I smoked a cigar and watched the city go by and felt unbelievably happy. To find nature in the woods is great. To find nature in the city is ecstasy. The whole High Line is planted with local flora and wildflowers-no cloying impatients or geraniums. And there are birds. And below you are meadows of steel and glass and brick. Above you, neon constellations.

I'd make the High Line my first stop in New York if I were you.