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I heart cashmere.

October 17, 2010

I heart cashmere.Posted by Rique

There's nothing like it. Soft and feathery but with some heft. It's creamier than other kinds of wool. Angora may be a bit silkier. But cashmere is so buttery, it leaves a feeling behind, like a lover's touch.

It's hard to believe cashmere comes from a goat. Goats don't have the best reputation. "You old goat." "You smell like a goat." And if you lose the game, they say you were the goat. Goats are stubborn and rough around the edges. Sort of the opposite of cashmere. Apparently, though, the finest, richest, softest wool comes from the fur under their necks.

I wonder if women love cashmere because it speaks to their unconscious need to turn creatures who are rough around the edges into something soft.