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I believe in Reincarnation.

October 02, 2010

I believe in Reincarnation.Posted by Jimmy.
If you haven't been to Reincarnation, you haven't really lived. Reincarnation Vintage Design on 78th and Lorain is one of our favorite places in Cleveland. (I especially like it because they don't sell clothes, which means I don't have to watch Rique go through seven hundred items, slowly, one at a time, like an IRS auditor going through your receipts).

Ron, the proprietor, is a multi-talented designer. His medium is mainly industrial architectural items from the last 100 years. He might take an old wooden factory table and re-cover it with galvanized steel and turn it into a beautiful dining room table. He's a great furniture maker, but he also has a great eye for detail. Last time we were there he had a collection of old clocks, mostly metal, from the 40's and 50's. (I think these were found by his wife, who is a partner in the venture). We've bought all sorts of things there: 100 year old ceiling tiles that Rique has hung on walls, drafting chairs with bright red seats and metal frames for our kitchen counter, iron gates, marble door knobs.

A couple of years ago, Rique and I were visiting and for some reason, Rique became enamored with an old iron saw horse. Ron had sandblasted it and sealed in its blue/grey patina. Rique thought it would be a great base for a table. Ron agreed and took Rique into the back-a wonderland of wooden beams, table legs, iron gates and broken chairs. Rique was in heaven. She and Ron found an unfinished chunk of Douglass Fir he had taken from an old factory. About 2 inches thick, the wood was soft enough to bear the scars of 100 years of humanity. But strong enough to make a great table top for the iron saw horse base.

Ron made it to our dimensions and at Rique's request, didn't patch any of the holes. It's a thing of beauty, a monument to wood's service to people.