about the clothes

Every item on this site is hand-crafted from pre-loved clothing. Each one a genuine do-over, an original.

I use only natural fabrics: cotton, modal, silk, cashmere, linen. Many of the t-shirts I re-do started life as a Michael Starr, James Perse or Ella Moss. Which means they were simple and beautiful before I got my hands on them. I find them at estate sales and second hand stores. For each one I buy, I go through hundreds. I launder them, and then I start chopping, cutting and sewing. I try to keep it simple.

There's a fine line between chic and tacky. My goal is to add something special and luxurious to the everyday. Not a bad approach for clothes. Or for life.

A word about sizing: most of my clothes are unstructured, so the sizes tend to be hybrid: s/m, m/l. If you're worried about a size, contact me via the "Contact Us" tab so I can answer your questions in more detail. And if you live in Cleveland, you can come by and try something on.