about me

My name's Rique, and I live for Sundays.

That's the day they pick up trash in my neighborhood. Which translates to free-stuff-day for me. Trash picking used to be so, well, trashy. Now it's chic. It's called upcycling. It's the new recycling. Instead of turning something back into itself-- turn it into something better.

A few years ago, I found that lots of people were throwing away old cashmere sweaters. There they were, at second-hand stores-- a moth hole in the pocket, a small tear in the sleeve. But cashmere. Soft as feathers, pure as silk. And better than most of what passes for cashmere today. So I started buying them and cutting them up and adding them to t-shirts. Friends started buying them. Then a few boutiques. And now this. Welcome to do-over clothes.